ROWND has been meticulously crafted to provide an enjoyable and flawless user experience. Even if you are new to the world of CNC lathes, fear not! ROWND’s user-friendly design allows you to quickly master your projects, starting from simple creations and gradually progressing to more complex designs. It’s a learning curve that fuels growth, honing your skills, nurturing your creative spirit along the way.

The first CNC Lathe that can be used with a console gamepad.

With its small size and weight, it is ideal for desktop use.

Cut and Shape Any Material with Endless Possibilities


Completely safe processing with protective coating.


Makineden duyacağınız tek ses hafif bir fısıltıdır.


İster dokunmatik ekranı, ister web’i, ister mobil uygulamayı kullanın, tüm işlevlere erişebilirsiniz.


Discover Your Creative Potential with ROWND

So what sets ROWND apart from others? Imagine a world where creativity knows no bounds, 3D printing projects integrate seamlessly, and producing custom products like exquisite jewelry designs becomes a reality.

ROWND unlocks endless possibilities, allowing you to cut and shape a variety of materials (steel, aluminium, brass, plastic and wood) up to CK45 hardness.

Precision at Your Fingertips

ROWND exceeds expectations when it comes to quality. Its precision-engineered structure boasts accuracy of up to 0.02mm, ensuring high-quality results that leave a lasting impression. To save you valuable time, ROWND gives you access to a specially designed design library full of inspiration and ready-to-use designs. Imagine the satisfaction of bringing your own projects to life, as well as the opportunity to earn extra income by exhibiting and selling your products prepared by ROWND

ROWND: The Gateway to Creative Freedom

ROWND believes in the democratization of creativity. Whether you’re a beginner hobbyist looking to express yourself or a seasoned professional seeking new frontiers, ROWND welcomes you with open arms. You have the power to customize the level of complexity of your projects and gradually become a master of your craft. Working with ROWND is more than a production experience; An enjoyable journey that allows you to shape your creativity and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Improved User experience

The Rownd Lathe is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a large 7″ touch screen. This intuitive interface provides users with comprehensive data about the machine, including usage time, rotation speed, feed rate and more. Thanks to the touch screen, users can access CAD data can effortlessly select from the library and initiate machine operations without the need for external computer connections.

Moreover, the touch screen offers an extremely useful manual control option. By selecting manual operation mode from the menus, the screen turns into a user-friendly control panel equipped with easily accessible buttons for manual operation.

All functions, especially those available on the touch screen, can also be accessed via the web or mobile application. Among Rownd’s impressive features, gamepad compatibility stands out as a particularly interesting and user-friendly functionality. It provides a smooth and precise scalpel-like experience and eliminates any risk of injury.

Experience the epitome of user comfort with Rownd Lathe, where advanced technology meets effortless control.