The Pocket NC 5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill V2-50 can cut materials up to G5 titanium hardness, although it is best at cutting delrin, aluminum or softer steels. The V2-50 has a 50,000 RPM spindle that requires air supply.* Travel 5.0 in/128.3 mm (Y), 4.55 in/115.5 mm (X) and 3.55 in/90 .1 mm (Z). The machine accepts standard G code.

There is an option to choose the V2-50CHB with the NRR-2651 NSK Spindle (this is the original V2-50) or the V2-50CHK with the NR-2551 NSK Spindle. For more information on the differences, please see this article.

The Pocket NC V2 machine is controlled by the US government and is authorized for export to the country of final destination for use only by the ultimate consignee or end user(s) specified herein. They may not be resold, transferred or otherwise disposed of, either in their original form or after incorporation into other items, into another country or to anyone other than the authorized ultimate purchaser or end user(s) without prior consent. With U.S. government approval or as otherwise authorized by U.S. laws and regulations.

* Note that the V2-50 spindle requires an air compressor capable of delivering 1 gallon of air per minute at 25 psi. For compressor recommendations, please see our FAQ section .

Need help choosing between different machine models?

The V2-10 is a more versatile machine in that it can be used with a wider range of tooling and applications; Therefore, if you are considering 5-axis training or general prototyping, V2-10 may be more applicable. If the machine needs to be portable for work or gigs, the V2-10 may be better since no air is required.

With the introduction of the V2-50 CHK option, tool holding force and tool diameter issues are resolved, making this an ideal transition between the V2-10 and V2-50.

If you are unsure which Pocket NC model will best meet your needs, please contact us.

Purchase includes (more accessories to consider can be found here):

  • Pocket NC V2-50 5 Axis Desktop CNC Milling
  • CHB 1/8 inch Collet or CHK 1/8 inch Collet
  • Datron Single Flute End Mill, 3mm diameter, 1/8″ shank
  • Pocket NC vise, hardware and vise adapter to B-table
  • 2″ wax cube
  • USB cable
  • power cord
  • Air regulator, fittings, air cleaner kit
  • Pocket NC Limited Warranty

V2-10 will be shipped 1 week after the order is received.

We will confirm your shipping date within 1-2 business days after receiving your order.